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If you are seeking help with your refrigerator, chiller or freezer the Heng Seng is the company that can cater to your needs in the most efficient and affordable manner. We provide competitive repair solutions for all kind refrigerator repair services and our team of specialists can deal with any issue related to it. When the days are humid and hot, one can actually get a nightmare in case a refrigerator doesn’t work and such situation can also spoil the vegetable and meat. This is why our company offers instant solutions for all kind of service needs of refrigerator repair. We have all the parts ready and once you book an appointment with us, our expert professional will be there on the spot to assist you on the spot. The process of getting our services is very simple; you just need to give us a call to book your appointment.

Fast and effective services

As we understand a crisis like situation happens if your refrigerator stops working, we make sure that we provide instant solutions to help you. This is why we always make sure that our services person comes to your place on the same day when you book the appointment. The best aspect of our services is that we have all the parts ready that can be dispatched to your place as per the servicing requirements of the refrigerator.

We believe in transparency

Our company works on the principles of transparency. We inform you beforehand about the issue with your refrigerator so that you are well aware of the parts that needed to change and that cost involved into it. We respect your time and we also value the money that you have to spend on the repairing services thus we inform you in detail about the issue with your refrigerator.

We deal in all brands

As our company has a team of repairing specialist, they can fix any issue with different models of refrigerators from different brands. The only thing that we have to consider is the availability of the parts of that particular modal of a refrigerator. We provide continuous training to our servicemen to deal with all kinds of issues that can occur in the refrigerator.

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We provide our refrigerator repairing services all around the year. You can call us anytime in between 8 am to 10 pm and we promise you to cater the best repairing services in the town.

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